about me

lover of hot sauce, coffee, cats, all the normal stuff.

let’s see, what else? i find these things hard. it always feels narcissistic and boastful and besides half the time the questions where do you live? where do you work? what did you study? what are your hobbies? don’t even begin to explain who you are as a person.

one night when i was living in new orleans i cooked breakfast for dinner with my roommate carlos, and we got to talking about the unnecessary pains of icebreaker questions and how we can come up with questions that actually define us. “one question i like asking people is, what are the six most beautiful things in your world?” he said. “everyone’s interpretation of that question is different, and always uplifting.”

a perfectly constructed sentence. the love and power in family. swimming in warm water at night. parades. the feeling you get in nature where your rattling, worrying consciousness dissipates and it’s just trees and bugs and birds pulsing and breathing and you feel safe and alive. music, pure music.

(i can’t remember if those were the answers i gave carlos that night, but then again narrowing our big vast beautiful world to just six things is impossible and bound to change.)

i think another valuable question to ask others (if the mood is right) is what do you believe in?

this always felt difficult for me to answer as a kid and teenager even, because i’m not religious. for a long time i figured “science” was a good enough answer. i believe in the scientific process! i proclaimed to myself. i believe in evidence and truth and power in comprehending the way the world works! i believe our human existence has been but a brief blip amidst billions of years of evolution and change, and the universe is an expanding infinite amount of space filled with mostly emptiness and dust, and all of this makes our lives extraordinary and beautiful!

img_3637well, i still believe that. but i’m not sure those beliefs are what get me through day-to-day life. what on earth will assuage me for the next four years of “president donald trump” (the most ludicrous combination of words)? what gives me faith and hope amidst crisis?

ultimately, i believe in the goodness in people. i believe in the possibility of unity. i believe we’re all seeking the same things – happiness safety admiration good health – and we all want to extinguish the same things – greed and oppression – and that we can use our commonalities to make this world more equal, more healthy, more just, mo’ betta’. we all have something to bring to the table. let’s never label or limit ourselves.

message or write to me with any query or comment at all. i like meeting people, i like encountering thoughts that counter my own, i like stories.