In some parts of the world you get snow days. Here in Louisiana, we get something else.

One of the benefits of being a landscaper in New Orleans is that you have a thing called “rain days,” and or better yet “mud days,” i.e. when the sky and ground are too sloppy to plant trees or haul clay or perform any of our other Earthy activities. Sudden and surprising days off! It’s like having snow days again, only better because I’m an adult and don’t have to worry about homework and that cold wet feeling up my sleeves. Today was one of those days – too wet to work, and on a Monday too, which extended my weekend into spontaneous three-day luxury.

So what to do with this newfound freedom? I did some productive-ish things – bought a procrastinated plane ticket, drafted a procrastinated email, attempted to track down a W-2, failed to track down said W-2, picked up two paychecks, deposited said checks, agonized slightly over my finances, decided I don’t care about money, wrote a small poem, bought a couple groceries, ran five miles, read three Nabokov stories, edited some photos, wrote about 500 words of a crappy short story. All during the daylight! It’s amazing what you can accomplish, when you choose to ignore practical and fiscal responsibility and the land is encrusted in mud. By the time 6:15 rolled around I felt fatigued and a little bored of myself and contemplated an extremely early bedtime; but the light outside was beautiful and beckoned me and I decided to take a little photo-walk around my neighborhood. Here are some things I saw. Mud days are the best ya’ll.

I was taking a photograph of this tree when a man pulled around on his bike… 
….and insisted I take his photograph. His name is Joel. “That’s my dad’s name!” I exclaimed. We chatted for a few minutes; he grew up in the Ninth Ward before Betsy hit when he was nine, and has lived in Mid City ever since. “I don’t like New Orleans,” he told me. I raised my eyebrows, but he continued: “I love New Orleans.”
Does anyone know what kind of flower this is?! IT SMELLS DIVINE 
Same with the Jasmine bushes. Smell = divine
I’m really just a fan of most flowers I suppose 
And most people’s gardens, if they’ve put in an honest effort. This one gets A for effort AND achievement. Those snapdragons are fire
I think this cat has a good life
Wouldn’t it be nice to hide from the world behind palmettos and white curtains and banana trees and the like? Just sometimes maybe even just once
Wouldn’t it be nice to be this couple? I think they’re a couple
More fleurs by one of my fave bridges
This bridge. My fave
It’s very rusty but it does the job
Someday I’ll buy a tripod and be able to take decent photographs in this kind of light I swear. The End

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