in light of the events last week, i think many of us (esp. us privileged white folks) are asking ourselves, what do i do? because acceptance – in its purest form – is not an option. (to accept the current state of our world would be a crime.) i think many of us – aware of the dangers of donald trump, the ravaging inequalities in the world, the backwards systems we have in place, the destruction on our earth and selves – feel quickened into verb. we feel the urgency to DO something. but what verb do we choose? to yell? to fight? to organize? to buy a one-way plane ticket to bermuda?!

i’m not sure what to do, except to put in the work and do what i can. so i’m starting a new blog. (i’ve been wanting to do this for a while now anyway.) in the past few years i’ve definitely questioned the written word’s tangible power in changing the world, and especially doubted the power of “blogging” as an action; but in the past week alone, i know i’ve been consoled by something even as simple as a friend’s writings on FB, and i know i’m inspired by maria popova’s writings on brain pickings, and another favorite blog called “walking to listen,” and my dad’s blog for the washington post. sometimes, when i read good writings (even online), it almost feels like having a conversation with an old friend; i feel as if my own thoughts, worries, anxieties, loves and joys are being heard and understood, and i feel less alone. and that in itself is a feeling worth fighting for.

besides, it is time to act in whatever way we can, and this is what i can do. i can write. for those of you who are unafraid to speak in front of a room of people: please grab a microphone. for those of you good with money: please start fundraising. for those of you who are athletic: run a marathon or host a sporting event in the name of a better world. for those of you who are unsure what you bring to the table: just your presence and openness and engagement with these issues (in the physical as well as virtual world) is enough. for all of us: let’s be kind to each other, let’s cook food for each other, let’s take care of ourselves, let’s stay informed. we can only do what we can, but i believe what we can all do has infinite possibility.

thank you for reading.



p.s. i stole the phrase “quicken into verb” from the poem i quoted in the excerpt for this post. it’s called “oysters” by seamus heaney and it’s about luxury and privilege and acquiescence and action, with much more depth and beauty, in a nutshell. my high school english teacher explained it better to his students than i just did (thank you, joe riener), but they are certainly words to live by.





One thought on “welcome.

  1. Thank you for this dear p. You speak with the profound and grounded wisdom of a native elder. perhaps your dna? It gives me hope for the future of this world, something sorely lacking these days. Love and miss and think of you continuously. ant kt


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